About Parvana

‘Parvana’ is Persian for ‘moth.’

Whenever I dive deeply into my work, I dissolve into what I am attracted to. Like a moth merging with a flame. Returning from those experiences with anything worth publishing is my goal. Helping those around me publish what they bring back from similar journeys is an important part of my work.

My name is Alex Dijk and Parvana is the name of my private enterprise. It is the container of over a decade of variegated experience in the field of publishing. I have experience as a journalist, editor, photographer. As an assembly line worker in a large scale book factory. As a desk top publisher, researcher, creative consultant and marketeer. As a self-publishing author, and as comissioned author. This breadth of practical knowledge means I can comfortably navigate the wants and needs of all parties involved in a particular publication. Often even in a timely fashion.

Drop me a line if you want to reach out. Hoping to hear from you soon!